Central Presbyterian Church

Massillon, Ohio

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 Now Accepting Registration for the 2017-2018 School Year


47 2ND Street NE
Massillon, Ohio 44646

Academy Classes




Monday, Wednesday, Friday



Tuesday & Thursday

 Studio Class


Mixed Ages 3-5


Monday through Friday


Early Drop Off

$4/ hour

Beginning at 7:30 a.m.

PALS Preschool Philosophy and Program

We believe that children learn through play. Play and Learn Pre-School (PALS) tries to make the most of a child's natural inclination to play by providing many planned activities and learning materials that enhance development through hands-on exploration. Special attention is given to each child with regard to their age and understanding of the world. The program provides an innovative curriculum with materials, experiences and teaching methods that are grounded in the National Association of the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) principles of child development.

Daily activities are chosen to: develop communication skills, provide gross and fine motor stimulation, promote early literacy and math skills, encourage creative expression, provide knowledge about our culture and the natural world, advance social skills, and encounter the love of Christ.

Our teachers are educated in early childhood development, have a passion for nurturing young children, and work in a Christian setting so that they can share their faith with others.

PALS Preschool exists as an outreach from Central Presbyterian Church families to the community.


Our Academy program is the preschool experience most people have come to expect. It is a play-based learning experience with hands-on opportunities to explore centers designed around a teacher selected theme. Academy learning gives children the opportunity to participate in both small and large group activities. The structure of the Academy day includes the incorporation of a formal phonics and math curriculum. The Academy students are selected for class placement according to chronological age. Children will be encouraged to focus on skills that are identified as those that children should acquire before entering Kindergarten. Progress towards these goals is recorded and samples of each child’s work is collected in a personal portfolio that is used for review during the parent-teacher conference.



The Studio program supports a different approach to learning. During Studio time, children are encouraged to study what most interests them. The role of the teacher is to foster the class’s passion by providing more sophisticated opportunities for children to demonstrate their understanding of the subject. In doing so, “projects” may take the better part of a day or several days to complete. Projects may be individual or collaborative. While assisting the child with the execution of their project, progress is documented by annotated photographs and hung or collected in an area that may be viewed throughout the year by the class. With knowledgeable teacher guidance, state standards for learning are typically exceeded. Students may be enrolled in the Studio class between the ages of three and five.




Central Presbyterian Church

47 Second Street NE
Massillon, Ohio 44646

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