Central Presbyterian Church

Massillon, Ohio



Season of Peace 

September 3 to October 1

World Communion Sunday 


 You Are With Me Psalms 23

On World Communion Sunday, we celebrate that Christ’s peace extends throughout all creation. Whenever the church gathers for worship, we are assured of Christ’s peace. We celebrate that we are connected, we are loved and we are not alone.

We worship together and are fed from Scripture and at Christ’s table of peace. Extending the peace of Christ is part of an active, engaged faith— a witness to what it means for us to be the Church, together. Through participation in the Peace & Global Witness Offering, our church is extending Christ’s peace throughout our community and our world.

We begin at the communion table, with our siblings in every time and place, and we celebrate the peace we find there and commit to building a more just and peaceful world. God is with us … and God in Christ is with us through the Sacrament of Communion, celebrated on World Communion Sunday.

We are not alone. Peace begins with each of us.

Offering will be received between September 3 and World Communion Sunday October 1.

25% of the offering will stay with Central Presbyterian Church will be used to

support the work of Domestic Violence Program of Massillon. 

 25% of the offering supports the work of Mid Councils to unite congregations to support Peacemaking in their regions.

50% of the offering supports the work for peace and reconciliation being done by Presbyterians across the globe.

Please give generously to the Peace and Global Witness offering


Central Presbyterian Church is excited to announce the introduction of an electronic option for making regular offerings.

Check it out!